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Application Development

The Mobile application development or App development is a set of processes that includes writing software for small devices like the smartphones or tablets. The app development is similar to web development, but the only difference is the code is written specifically to take advantages of the unique features of a device. There are three basic types of apps like

  • SEO ServicesNative Apps that live on a device and accessed by clicking the icon.
  • Web Apps that run on a browser but look like a native app.
  • Hybrid Apps is a combination of native and web apps.

At PageRank Solution Pvt. Ltd., we know that web world is not just limited to desktop. These days, people have started using mobile devices and applications to make the things easy. In such circumstances it is very essential that your app functions smoothly on mobile devices. People use the mobile application for a range of activities like booking their tickets online to selecting restaurants. Even the mundane activity is performed using the mobile application that people find very easy, so many business establishment use it to promote their business effectively. PageRank Solution Pvt. Ltd. is among the top App Development Company.

Importance of Application Development

As more people are accessing the internet on mobile phones, the application development can reach more customers. The mobile phones give the customer an opportunity to connect to the internet from anywhere and at any time of the day. So, it is available at people’s finger tips and is very important in this world as;

  • It helps build loyalty among customers that is useful especially in the retail sector.Mobile apps easily captures the data about customer inclinations on the app, which will increases the brand value.
  • It increases the visibility in the digital world as it is important to get noticed to survive and relevant information on the app will give the users a better idea about the product. It tempts the people to buy the product.
  • Mobile apps allow easy access to information or products. Therefore, it gives functional contact for optimized interaction. The data provided are very valuable, so most people prefer it.
  • It increases the sales as people go to a company’s mobile app stores more than their website stores, so more customers favor the mobile app.
  • It is a mobile-centric community, so every person has a mobile phone for their easy functioning of life. As the apps are mobile friendly people can access them easily and utilize it efficiently.
  • The mobile application developed is made available on the google play store that is accessed by millions to download their favorite app. So, people know can easily find the app they want to download in the play store.
  • The mobile app is the best way to reach the targeted audience as it is the best marketing tool for the promotion of a product. People like to use a product that has a website that loads faster on their phones.

As people spend a large part of their time on mobile phone apps, it is safe to say that the app development is influencing people. It has become a favorite form of digital interaction as application is very simple to use, so they have become essential in important industries like education, hospitality and retail. Therefore, it is the technology of the future that is here to stay.


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