SEO tips for video submission on YouTube

YouTube is considered as the second largest search engine after Google, it produces approximately 92 billion page view every month which also gives vast traffic to various blogs and websites, and every minute about 35 hours of video are uploaded. However, uploading a video is not sufficient enough to get views on YouTube unless it is of a big brand or celebrity video.

Here some important SEO tips for video submission on YouTube

  • Title of the video – Use Keywords

The name of your video is the Video title through the help of which one can know that what the video is all about, having a title which matches to your video content perfectly will be very friendly to the YouTube algorithm for SEO apart for being viewer friendly. Give a suitable title to your video here is the ways by which you can get SEO optimizes title for the video. Put your video title according to the keyword by taking advantage of YouTube search auto complete

  • Keyword Research for YouTube Videos

Getting keyword idea is one of the essential parts of SEO, one cannot possibly think of all probable keywords to include in their video, where they can use Google Display Planner tool to get keyword ideas. Google basically, has two such tool Display Planner and Keyword Planner.

  • Before uploading the video, naming your video file

After the editing, a video is ready to be uploaded to YouTube. Make sure to rename your video as your_keyword.mp4. Search engines cannot look inside video content hence this naming structure will help search engines find what is the video content is all about. This is the file name which indicates the search algorithm about the subject of the video uploaded. Having video file name as your video title helps search engine to easily get a higher ranking and index video promptly. So put your targeted keyword into video file name.

  • Description of the video

For the video description, first 2-3 lines are important as it helps in ranking your video high in search engine. One should give a short description which covers the theme of the video and the content of the video. One can also use search engine auto-complete keyword phrases as their description. If the searched keyword is matching in first 2 line of your video description then the video will get a higher ranking.


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