How We Can Optimize Our PPC Ads?

Keywords are the ultimate guide to get your content it ads or blogs or even connected pages which trace back to one another. The entire content industry thrives on the fact that the content comprises keywords.

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But have you ever though that negative keywords could also be a thing?

PPC negative keywords

Have you ever noticed that when you search for a keyword, it generates millions of result which mean nothing to you and have absolutely nothing to do with your search result?

Well, if you are aware of the pay per click option, you would know that every time the ad is clicked, the advertiser pays the publisher. But you would you want to pay for something which doesn’t benefit you?

Optimizing advertisements such that only your intended results get displayed is what negative key wording is all about. Negative keywords are designed in such as way that the customer search or the customer queries that the business doesn’t list search results for in any search engine.

For example, you want to sell normal movie DVDs. It is highly likely that you list out positive keywords which will get users the results that would benefit you. However, would you want to list out any result that contains that keyword?

Not really!

Implementing negative keywords such as “movies Blu-ray edition DVD” or anything specific to something that is not related to you would exclude you safely from the search results. By adding this negative keyword, you can avoid your ads popping up everywhere on the site where it is generally not required.

It is useful in boosting your campaign performance and helps you market the right kind of stuff that you intended to do in the first place. How does it help you in the long run? Well, it is simple. When you add negative keywords, it is like a filter for your website. Your ads get populated in the right places thereby monitoring the traffic which if more, could led to slowing down of the site thereby hampering the performance.

As online marketers it is beneficial for them from a business perspective. It saves you the pay per click cost, and subsequently the rate of investment is lower than the revenue that it generates. The click through rate is optimised and is neutral which has a direct impact on the quality score of the website.

Negative keywords filter should be implemented every month on the websites such that unnecessary traffic stays under control. If you are planning to manage a larger campaign, it is important that you have a regular dashboard to monitor the state of affairs on your website. See the actual searches, observe the difference when negative keywords are in place, choose and filter according to the dates that are available such that you have sufficient data to use it later to optimise the content on your website.

Identification of keywords which keep your business thriving and killing the ones that do not generate any traffic is important. This would give you a clear picture about the keywords you want your business to be associated with and create quality ads which will help your business instead of making it difficult to afford. Negative keywords can be used in multiple forms mainly broad, phrase or exact to shut down unproductive links which you want your brand to be disassociated from.

Add negative keywords and campaign filters such that it is focused on getting the job done. As an advertiser you cannot have complete control over the ads that pop up on yourwebsite. But you can regulate it to a certain extent. With generic campaigns in place negative keywords is a great start and should be used exhaustively.

Keywords plays important role in providing an image to your online business so selection of keywords should be done wisely. It is all about your online business.

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