Google Analytic Role In Business

google analytic role

Google launched the web analytics service in 2005 that helps people track the website traffic and report it. It is effective for the Search Engine Optimization as it helps in determining the success or failure of a strategy. It is the popular web analytics service on the internet, which has two main variations;

  • Google Analytics 360 (earlier known as Google Analytics Premium) that is useful for the enterprise users as they can subscribe it as per their requirement.
  • Google Analytics for Mobile Apps is integral to gather the usage data from the Android and iOS applications.

The Google Analytics will aid in collecting, processing, and analyzing the internet data. The reported data will help understand the web usage that will help in determining strategies to optimize the website. It is the popular analytical tool and website metrics that can track and report the traffic of a website. It assists in monitoring important statistics and information to determine the online presence of a website.

Benefits of Google Analytics

The free tool offered by the Google is available online for all the user with just a Gmail account. It has a wide range of analysis and tracking statistics that is helpful to monitor the website popularity on the internet. It offers the following benefits to the users;

  • Understand about the Traffic Source

Any website becomes popular on the web space with increased traffic. The Google Analytics can show exactly how the users opt for the website. It will help understand the source of traffic (for example organic searches, referral links, search engines or via paid advertisements). Based on the information, the users can determine the success of the advertising strategy in increasing the traffic.

  • Information Regarding the Visitors

The Google Analytics can provide comprehensive information about the visitors to a website like their demographic location. It will help in understanding the effectiveness of the keyword or localized marketing campaign to get the desired results. It can aid in devising strategies to engage more customers to the business by increasing the traffic to the website.

  • Website Bounce Rates

If the viewers of a website leave the page without browsing other pages in the site, then the bounce rate is noted. A high bounce rate is not good for the website as the Google rates the website lower. The Google Analytics can provide relevant information to prevent high bounce rates. It provides information about misleading keywords, content relevance, and quality of the landing pages, which can help in optimization.

Google Analytics is imperative to determine the success of the SEO campaign to improve the visibility of a website. It will help in determining the methods to increase the popularity of website that helps in the business growth.

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