Difference between SEO and SMO

Search engine optimization and social media optimization are generally used interchangeably. Not only does the belief prevail that both are exactly the same but also the common folks tend to believe the fact that they are not exclusive. Well, that is certainly not true.

seo and smo difference

Even if both SEO and SMO are focused on optimizing the content and the scenario, it still is a practice that is followed under different circumstances. It is not exactly the same to start with and is always co-dependent on the goal that you are trying to reach or the motive that you are trying to establish. If good practices of SEO are followed and you have been technically adept at following them, great SMO follows on its own a without any additional efforts.

SEO is basically the technique how search results pick up your content in general. The result page has to display your page on the higher ranks such that readers pick out your readable content first over others. It starts with the placement of certain words that match the key results such as the keywords or the semantic or the LSI keywords which should be incorporated all over the content such that the algorithm understands that your content is relevant to the search results and it finds it out within the bink of an eye. You know your website is brilliant with relevant content when it shows up in the first 10 results of the search engine rankings.

SMO is a marketing technique or more like an extension of digital marketing where you focus on advertising your web content over the social community, social bookmarking, video sites, news sites, so on and so forth. This can include major social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, so on and so forth. The intention of advertising the content in such a way is to gain that much needed traffic which allows your page to be more visible and viable. It helps you gain subscribers and subsequent customers. The product sales impact greatly on how your advertising turns viewers into customers.

It is not peculiar to the web content which needs to develop SMO. SMO always has to have content which is fresh, dynamic and catches the public eye. It should be engaging such that the audience finds it tough to navigate away from the page. When you provide an interactive platform to the audience, it is only natural that they will keep coming back for content if it connects with them.

The strategy behind using SMO is completely dependent on how dynamically you can maintain the page. The audience needs new ad fresh content every single hour. The ability to cope up with that and manage it well takes a while. There will be readers who will be loyal and would stick to your site. But then there are readers who need fresh details or content every single day and steer away if it goes stagnant even for a day.

At the end of the day SEO and SMO focus on navigating your page to the top ranks such that you have better media rankings and customer exposure. It is all in the strategy how you want to put it to use.

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